Andrew Ramroop

National Training Award Winner, 2007

For the National Training Awards, 2007 was a busy year. The awards celebrated its 21st birthday and 2007 saw 55 UK winners being celebrated at the UK gala ceremony in London.

One UK winner who bowled over the judges was tailor Andrew Madan Ramroop. Originally from Trinidad, Andrew began his working life at the age of 10 assisting on a food stall. To pass the time Andrew would sketch and cut out ‘clothes’ from newspapers. He eventually gained an Apprenticeship whilst in his teens but earned only three pence for every pair of trousers he made.

A further Apprenticeship in Port of Spain led Andrew to decide to sail to the UK with an aspiration to work on Savile Row. Andrew says: “Wearing a suit I had made, I went to look for work. I was immediately engaged. I was working on Savile Row which I’d always dreamed of doing.”

Andrew realised that with formal qualifications he would be able to progress his career and worked 100 hour weeks doing alterations to fund his training. He managed to get a job as an assistant cutter with Maurice Sedwell, attended business workshops and in 1994 Andrew acquired the business. He now sells to 52 countries and has increased the business by 300 percent.

To address the shortage of high class tailoring skills, Andrew’s latest venture is the creation of the Savile Row Academy, a sustainable learning establishment formalising the training Andrew has established at Maurice Sedwell Ltd - website: Eight chosen individuals will go through three years of intensive focused training endeavouring to attain ‘the pinnacle of sartorial excellence – the elite tailors of the future’. Courses begin in January 2008.

The judges called Andrew Ramroop an inspiration and described his determination and commitment to learn as truly motivational.

To reflect the fact that the National Training Awards has come of age, and to incorporate the needs of a 21st century economy and society, the National Training Awards will unveil a new look in 2008.

The National Training Awards will still recognise and reward the very best in training and will continue to celebrate winners at regional and national levels, and its renowned and rigorous judging process will remain. However, a competitive element will be introduced, with one overall winner being selected from six award categories at both regional and national levels.